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Dick’s Family Foods - Sherwood & Wrightstown, WI

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Family Owned Since 1908!

Dick’s Family Foods is a fourth generation, family owned business.  We have been a part of the Wrightstown community since 1908.  The business was started by John Vanden Wymelenberg, who came  to America on May 21st, 1857. In 1908 John bought a general store and hardware store, on the corner of Broadway and Main, from a village resident named F. X. Nelessen. John operated the store and raised a family of eleven children. In 1921 one of his sons, Elzear, purchased the operation.  Elzear ran both stores until the 1940’s when he sold the hardware store to Peter Lamers, his brother in law, keeping the general store.  Elzear raised a family of 6 children, and operated the general store until 1964 when his son Richard (Dick) bought it from him.  Dick then moved the operation to 615 Main St., the site of the current Subway and library mall.  Dick raised a family of ten children, and operated the store as sole proprietor until 1989 when he incorporated and added shareholders: sons Rick and John.  On St. Patrick’s Day in 1993, Rick and John purchased all the Dick’s stock and became the owners of Dick’s Family Foods Inc.

Fast forward to 2014, Rick and John have decided to open a second location in Sherwood, WI.  (Located on the northeast corner of Lake Winnebago)  With family values and hard work at the core of what Rick and John believe in, they have set up a very successful business for the fifth generation."

Dick’s Family Foods Mission:

We are customer focused, community minded, and family oriented.  We strive for consistency in quality, freshness and merchandising. 

Rick-and-John.jpgOur mission is to have a well trained, knowledgeable staff and provide a safe environment to work in.  We also strive to insure the customer has a well stocked, clean store with the freshest and highest quality product possible while offering a convenient, safe and easy shopping experience.  We will also be active in giving back to the community as much as possible, demonstrating our thanks for their support and deepening our relationship with our customers and community.  Finally, and most importantly, is to provide excellent customer service and build relationships with our customers.  In every action we make, we ask ourselves the question, “What is best for our customers?”  It is those things which have allowed Dick’s Family Foods to stay in business since 1908 and continue on into the future.

The Best of Fresh


Selection and Service

Visit our meat and seafood department to find fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken as well as a variety of items fresh from the sea. The produce department boasts a variety of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables, all ripe and ready-to-eat! Our deli offers an array of meats, cheese and fresh salads. You’ll find a menu of hot lunch and dinner entrées and fresh rotisserie and fried chicken available every day. You’ll love our delicious variety of fresh rolls, breads and sweet treats, including custom decorated cakes from our bakery department.

In addition, we offer beautiful fruit platters and baskets, fresh-cut vegetable trays and bakery and deli platters year-round. Just place your order in advance by visiting our bakery or deli to speak with a department associate.

Make Our Private Brands Your Brands

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Affordable Quality Products

Our private brand products match the leading national brands in quality and image. Our private brands allow you to purchase quality products at meaningful saving compared to national brands. And you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality to save money with our private brands. You’ll be purchasing quality products at meaningful savings compared to national brands.  Our array of brands and products satisfy the needs of the budget-conscious consumers.

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